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Shiji startet Plattformtransformation und führt neues Branding ein

(15 November 2016, Peking) Shiji kündigte die Einführung eines neuen Brandings an und führte ein neues Logo und eine neue visuelle Bildgebung ein. Die Einführung des neuen Markenlogos zeigt Shijis Entschlossenheit und

(15 November 2016, Beijing) Shiji announced the launch of new branding, and introduced new logo and visual imaging. The launch of the new brand logo indicates Shiji’s determination and confidence in their ability to transform into a data driven, consumer application and service platform operator.

“Each transition is the transformation of the business model, when 50 percent of the Company's annual revenue is generated from new business and there is rapid growth in the overall income scale, we call it a successful transformation. Shiji has successfully completed three times of transformation in the past 10+ years of development. From 1998 to 2001, the Company presented itself as the network system supplier; the next phase, 2001 to 2003, it escalated further, becoming a hotel system technology service provider; the next phase saw Shiji’s growth as a software vendor after 2003. Now, in 2016, Shiji is experiencing a fourth transformation; from software vendor to application service platform operator,” said Shiji’s chairman Mr. Li Zhongchu.” Several important things precipitated and accelerated this latest transformation. In the last year, we have started to promote our platform business to the market, the Company needs a new brand image to tell the market and customer base that Shiji now represents the “big data” application service platform operator of the entire consumer industry.”

Shiji’s new logo highlights the Company’s name and removes the business focus, whilst at the same time, promotes the core business philosophy has not changed by using 7 dynamic spheres, inherited from an original grouping of 3 spheres. At the same time, the new logo enhances the meaning that data is Shiji’s core asset: 7 spheres, suggesting that data flows around Shiji, while the original 3 spheres represent chess pieces. Shiji will be no longer limited to its original network, software and technical services. To make business more efficient, Shiji’s mission has been elevated alongside the launch of the new logo.

“Shiji is developing to meet the needs of today’s market. Looking toward the future, providing data, IT solutions, consulting and insight within and around what we have to offer on a global scale.” Shiji’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Kevin King said.  “From humble beginnings to market leader in various vertical segments, Shiji strives to become a serious, data driven consumer application service platform operator, and ultimately, to become one of the world's major examples of this business genre. Similarly, our breadth of knowledge and experience in China, in tandem with global growth will help strengthen us as a business, ultimately serving our customers more effectively.”

In future, Shiji will initially invest in hotel related data technology companies, then equip those Companies’ application software services on the service platforms that other, partnering data technology companies provide us. Shiji will consolidate its position in hotel, catering and retail industries by developing new products and technologies, at the same time distribute rapidly in overseas countries and regions, develop and promote globally identifiable leading products, and rapidly grab the overseas market share by forward-looking investment. With the increase of our platform service customers, Shiji will introduce Sales and Service representatives in the most client intensive areas. “I hope that Shiji will be an internationally well-known company in the coming 10 years, supporting employees and business in the worlds core commercial centers and leading industry development with our partners” said Shiji’s Chairman, Mr. Li Zhongchu.

Über Shiji Group

Founded in 1998, Shiji’s aim is to become a “big data” application service platform operator. Shiji has become the leading manufacturer of Chinese hotel information systems after three successful transformations. At the same time, Shiji is gradually expanding from hotel to catering and retail industries, becoming the major software supplier to both industries. Now, Shiji is responsible for approximately 60% to 70% of the market share in the high end sector of hotel and retail industries, and possesses a leading position in the catering industry. The estimated annual revenue of Shiji clients can be as high as RMB 5 trillion. Shiji has completed three successful transformations since its establishment. It is now experiencing the 4th transformation dedicating to be a “big data” driven consumer application service platform operator. Shiji has introduced consulting, IT solutions and data platform services. Meanwhile, Shiji is developing worldwide leading products and technologies aiming for the international market and speeding up its globalization progress. Currently Shiji has more than 30 subsidiaries located in major Chinese cities and overseas markets (Singapore and Munich) with about 3,000 employees.

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