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Why Hotel Automation is so important in Hospitality

Automation is making its mark within the hospitality industry like never before. Usually performed via software and technology, automation can benefit both hoteliers and their guests by saving time, saving money and removing stress. When talking about hotel automation, there is a myriad of possibilities. There are options for different departments and touching on the different stages of the guest journey. The benefits of automation for hotels are many: increased productivity, lower costs, a better experience for both staff and guests, more accurate forecasts and more precise pricing decisions.

Join our highly anticipated Shiji Buzz APAC Episode 4 to listen to our hospitality technology experts discuss some hot topics such as:

  • Does Automation work or suit all customer segments?
  • How to manage staff working alongside automated processes?
  • What parts of the customer journey matter to retain personal touch verses those parts that can benefit from automation / efficiencies etc?
  • After COVID, what piece of automation we would like to retain? What would we like to revert back to human service?

Clive Thorpe
Chief Commercial Officer at Orderup

With 12 years of senior management experience within e-commerce hospitality, including JET, DHER, Clive offers his extensive knowledge of the latest technical, marketing & sales strategies which has enabled him to develop high growth, rapid scale techniques focusing on commercial & operational goals. His exposure to "scale-ups" within the online, reservations, marketplace, last-mile delivery and software integration gives. Order Up unique insights into driving growth. - Prior experience of hotels (Whitbread Premier Inns UK), contracting hotels during his time at Thomas Cook; furthermore, Clive worked with many hotel chains procurement teams for various F&B products - Having grown up in the hotel & pub trade, Clive was able to identify operational issues and bring together a deep understanding of what hotel need to be ready in the new covid world.

Tyrone Ho
Director Of Partnerships at Tyro Payments

Tyrone Ho 20 years of hospitality experience, having begun as a third Generation restaurateur before moving into the hospitality technology space. Having held various roles across a broad range technologies businesses such as POS, fintech and ordering apps, Tyrone is passionate build efficient and data driven solutions for the industry. Currently the director of Partnerships at Tyro he oversees card present and online payment partnerships along with the connect platform.

Sueanne Carr
Founder+ Customer Strategy Vigilante

A globally accomplished strategy professional + one half of the Dynamic Duo of Customer Frame, Sueanne is passionate about connecting businesses with the ultimate reason they exist: their customers. Her impressive reach has transformed market-leading travel brands such as lastminute.com, Travelocity + Tourism Events Queensland + internationally recognised tourism regions like the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula + Queensland's inimitable Palm Cove. With customer experience in her DNA, she is committed to transforming businesses + regions through aligning people, products + places. Her empathetic + decisive style breaks through business barriers, + brings everybody from board room to back office on the journey.

Matthew Clark
Regional Director of Sales – Asia Pacific & Middle East

With over 15 years’ experience across Asia Pacific consulting to the hospitality industry to provide leading technology solutions, Matthew was recently promoted within Shiji Group to Regional Director of Sales – Asia Pacific & Middle East. Matthew’s deep industry knowledge extends further to prior Hotel and F&B operational roles in Sydney and London and continues today to volunteer time and skills co-ordinating a number of prominent community events. Matthew will share a range of perspectives on the evolving space of Digital and Mobile Guest Engagement together with our other leading panelists for Episode 4 of Shiji Buzz APAC Edition.


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