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Use It or Lose It: Why the Employee Experience Must Be a Priority When Deploying New Technology

The guest experience is always a top consideration when hotels adopt technology, but the impact on employees is critical too. If staff find the system difficult to use, aren’t properly trained, or can’t serve guests efficiently, it will jeopardize successful deployment.

This holds true whether a hotel is switching PMSs, launching mobile check-in, or migrating to the cloud.

Join us for the next Shiji Buzz, when our panel of experts discusses how to earn employee buy-in at the property and enterprise level when planning for and rolling out new systems.

  • What are the risks of not involving the team in technology decisions?
  • In this time of staffing shortages, how can technology improve retention?
  • What new features do modern PMSs offer to make life easier for employees?

Our Speakers

Sara Cox
Director, Operational Services - Food & Beverage / Spa, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Drawing on 15+ years' experience, Sara spearheaded diverse projects, acquisitions, and hotel application management (PMS, POS, CRM, RMS, BI). Emphasizing skill growth, mentorship, team success.

Jay Sherman
Director of Global Pre-Sales at Shiji

Jay Sherman, Director of Global Pre-Sales at Shiji, brings a unique international perspective, having worked across the US, APAC, Europe, and the Middle East. With 20+ years’ experience, he bridges client needs and Shiji’s solutions, driving global market growth as part of the Expansion team.

Patty de Gruiter
VP of Revenue and Sales, Sircle Collection

With 15+ years' expertise, Patty started at top hotels like Sofitel, Amstel, NH, and Bilderberg now at Sircle Collection, and leading 15 properties with 7 upcoming. A vital part of the Acquisition & Development team, she excels in pre-openings and project management, valuing both systems and team collaboration for exceptional outcomes.

Daniel Craig
Founder at Reknown Marketing

A former hotel general manager, author and marketing executive, Daniel Craig is the founder of Reknown, a Vancouver-based consultancy providing marketing strategy and services to hospitality and technology clients worldwide.


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