Together, we reimagine the digital guest experience.

Shiji Group is a global network of technology platforms and solutions for the hotel, retail, food service, and entertainment industries. Since 1998, Shiji Group has provided hotel management tools, F&B and retail systems, payment gateways, online distribution, and more to over 91,000 hotels, 200,000 restaurants, and 600,000 retail outlets.

Cloud & Mobile PMS

PMSs are a fundamental tool for hospitality businesses. We offer multiple PMS solutions depending on your needs.

F&B Technology

F&B is an important part of any hospitality business, so our F&B system, Infrasys, is fully integrated with your greater tech network.


Shiji Distribution Solutions is a leading connectivity solution whether you're looking for a connectivity switch, a channel manager, or something else.

Ancillary services management

We have best in class solutions to manage ancillary services in hotels such as golf, spa and more.

Guest Solutions

A suite of products to better operations, improve guest experience, and boost revenue.

Global Payment solutions

Process payments with newfound efficiency with Shiji Payments, a seamless part of your future-proof system

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