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The evolution of F&B businesses Post Covid

The F&B Industry was hit hard by the Covid-19 with countless challenges. Even though life is slowly returning to normal, customer demands for convenience and seamless digital experiences are rising. So what does a new-normal guest dining experience look like? What should F&B businesses do to not only sustain but also excel in the business post-pandemic?

Join our highly anticipated Shiji Buzz APAC to listen to our experts discuss some hot topics such as:

  • How do restaurants adapt to post-Covid operations?
  • How contactless technology saves F&B businesses?
  • How do international hotel chains leverage technology to offer guests the digital dining experience?
  • How should hotels & restaurants apply automation in their operation?

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Our Speakers

Jonathan Reinfelds
Field Services Technology Director, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Started his career as a helpdesk staff in 1998, Jonathan has over 24 years of experience in various industries in IT, System Administration, and Data centers. He spent most of his time in Japan working with major brands such as Coca-Cola and Lionbridge before joining Hyatt Hotels Corporation in 2019. As a Field Services Technology Director of Hyatt, Jonathan oversees IT projects, hotel IT operations & provides IT business leadership to properties in the Asia Pacific region, excluding the greater China region.

Ravi Singh
CEO & Partner at Kickin’Inn Australia

Ravi and his business partner, opened the first Kickin’Inn restaurant in Petersham in September, 2018. With 12 stores on the map so far, the home-grown brand aims to deliver premium seafood at an affordable price to the Australian community. Together with his business partner, Ravi’s vision is to open 100 restaurants nationwide, making a difference in Australia by helping the economy, generating jobs and contributing to local communities. When Ravi is not managing his restaurant chain he’ll be found teaching at Western Sydney University, mentoring leaders in Business Skills, Public Speaking and providing consultancy services to other CEOs and business leaders around the world

Mark Rademaker
Global Head, Hospitality at Adyen

Mark Rademaker is the Global head of Hospitality at Adyen. A global strategic business leader with expertise in reducing friction in the travel and hospitality industry using payments. He helps drive creative solutions using digital and fintech. With over 15 years of experience in the travel industry, Mark has held senior positions both on the supplier side, working for two airlines in both commercial and financial roles. Most recently, he led emerging markets for a card scheme focusing in travel payments. Mark joined Adyen to focus on enhancing payment flows and the customer experience in the travel and hospitality industry with a key focus on conversion rates and profitability.

James Montague
Senior Director - Corporate Functions, Shiji Group

James has over 15 years hospitality payment technology experience working with global customers on their payment integration strategy and implementation across all regions. As Senior Director, Shiji Payment Solutions, James oversees the product, development and implementation functions of the product globally.


Ivano Ceracchi
Sales Manager, Shiji Australia

Ivano started his career in the Hospitality industry in 2012, where he managed the operation of the VIP F&B outlet in The Star Entertainment Group- a well-known Australia-based company that provides gaming, entertainment, and hospitality services. He joined Shiji as a Senior Implementation Consultant in 2019 and then moved into a Sales Manager position, responsible for growing sales revenue of Shiji Australia across the ANZ region.

About The Shiji Buzz

The Shiji Buzz will give you a sneak peek of what is to come for Shiji products and the industry as a whole. With our product and industry experts, we will discuss how the industry is always changing and ways that Shiji can support your vision and direction. We will take you on a journey by exploring everything from guest services, increasing revenue, and utilizing technology to your advantage in this process. Listen to the previous sessions here.

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