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About Shiji Purchasing

Shiji Purchasing, the leading cost control management software in China, combines the outstanding advantages of both domestic and foreign cost control software. With the modern cost management functions of domestic high-star rated hotels, it is advanced, detailed, and flexible. With over 400 high-star rated hotel customers, Shiji Purchasing is the perfect solution for hospitality businesses.

About Shiji Purchasing Shiji Group
group purchasing management

Set multi-property purchasing process and connect all properties to create a robust central purchasing solution.


Use the industry standard inventory management process, FIFO, to manage inventory and reduce waste.

Remote control

Access the inventory and purchasing system remotely and keep control of stock and costs.

Shiji Purchasing: 
Inventory Cost Control System

Shiji's purchasing inventory cost control system, the leading cost control management software in China, offers the outstanding advantages of both domestic and foreign cost control software.


Shiji uses modern technology to provide customers with the best solution possible, with a focus on maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Use Shiji's Purchasing Solutions to remote-access  purchasing inventory cost control systems, or as a solution for multi-property cost control and management for groups.

Shiji Human Resources - Flexible

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The modular design of Shiji's software paired with a structural systems analytical methodology allows for advanced functionality, where all modules are connected and can be cross-referenced, enabling automation and maximizing data sharing.

Shiji Human Resources: Full -service


Shiji software aims to not only make purchasing easier, but to bring the entire process into the modern era. Shiji's Purchasing Solutions can optimize business processes and establish a complete management system that allows for deep operational research and analytics.

Shiji Human Resources: Self-Service


To make a great payment solution one needs excellent customers. Shiji is proud to provide Shiji Purchasing Solutions to some of the top hotels in China.