Shiji Accounting - the leading financial management software for hotels in China
Shiji Accounting
Shiji Accounting - the leading financial management software for hotels in China

About Shiji Accounting

Shiji Accounting offers modern, flexible, and scalable accounting solutions for hotels of all sizes both in China and abroad, developed specifically for the hotel industry's financial operations. Manage everything from inventory to financial statements and much more with Shiji's modern cloud-based accounting solution.

Shiji Accounting The leading financial management software for hotels in China

Accelerate internal processes with mobile approval for staff requests.


Nutzen Sie die enorme Menge an Finanzdaten, die das Unternehmen sammelt, um Konten zu verwalten.


Increase visibility for all of the hotel's financial flows with reports based on the hotel's needs.

Why Shiji Accounting

Shiji Accounting offers a modern cloud solution for both everyday and advanced accounting and analytic needs. Shiji Accounting has had hundreds of high-star hotel users, proudly making Shiji Accounting one of China's leading financial solutions for the hotel industry.

Shiji Accounting takes full advantage of the vast amount of financial data that a business collects to help users safely manage accounts payable, costs, taxes, financial statements, ledgers, bank accounts statements, compiling books and reports like P&L, balance sheets, and more. 

Shiji Accounting can meet both domestic and international accounting needs including multilingual switching, handle budgeting for multiple accounts, importing and exporting data, and meets all accounting standards, offering users advanced, comprehensive, and flexible financial software.


Even the best products can require support from time to time, so Shiji always makes sure to be there for customers, no matter the issue. Shiji Accounting offers support for onboarding, training, certification, and troubleshooting, and make sure that the majority of the support staff have hotel experience so that they can better understand the issues that may arise.

Shiji-Verteilung - Jenseits der traditionellen Verteilung


Shiji Accounting ist weithin als Branchenführer auf dem chinesischen Markt anerkannt und wird in über 400 + Kundenhotels unter einigen der besten Marken in China installiert.