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Baoku - Corporate travel expenses and supply chain management

About Baoku

Beijing Baoku Online develops cloud-based multi-terminal SaaS applications, providing travel expenses and process management tools, supply chain management tools, travel trading platforms, payment platforms, clearing centers, data collection and analysis, and administrative service sharing.

About Baoku - Corporate travel expenses and supply chain management
End-to-end travel expenses and process management tools

Through SaaS and mobile internet companies can set travel rules and automate travel applications, approval, booking, payment and reimbursement.

Efficient and convenient travel supply chain management tool

Baoku enables airlines, hotels, business travel management companies and agencies, financial service providers to conduct independent bidding and self-management.

Neutral and transparent travel trading platform

Businesses can select different supplier products on our platform to complete travel purchase transactions.

Complete and multi-dimensional travel data center

With Baoku's data and analysis, businesses can more effectively understand the supplier's contract performance, employee travel, expenses and more.

Visual travel
clearing center

Baoku provides online reconciliation and online settlement functions to assist enterprises in sub-account payment.

Corporate Administrative Service Sharing Center

Baoku also provides administrative service sharing center support to assist enterprises in managing suppliers.

More About Baoku

Baoku helps companies improve their multi-supplier management, internal process management, expense and reimbursement management, centralized procurement and unified payment capabilities, and solve corporate travel suppliers' management difficulties, price opacity, complex process dispersion, and inefficiency. Baoku's goal is to help businesses liberate themselves from time-consuming transactional work and enable them to truly realize a one-stop, end-to-end, closed-loop travel management system. Baoku can also conduct in-depth mining and intelligent analysis of corporate travel data, assisting companies in optimizing travel systems and decision-making.


Baoku has been awared the China Software Industry Association's "Enterprise informatization Best Success Case Award," the China Computer Association's "Best application on the Internet in China Enterprise Award, and the "Global Outstanding Business Travel Award" by the 2014 Australian G20 Summit.